Soul and Shakti Course

6 month intensive online course with group and individual support

Next Soul and Shakti Course starting on September 7th, 2019, click here for practical info and sign up.

The 6 Month Soul and Shakti Course is a journey unfolding in 4 Modules of each 40 days practice. These practices are easily accessible through guided audio meditations and explaining booklet which are all shared online for you to download. 

During ALL the modules, you can release many deep memories, programs, emotional blocks, mental limits and distorted and unworthy thoughts. With these gone, you are free to be in the present moment and respond consciously. You develop the ability to deeply discern truth and integrity in yourself and others. You are able to make wise and healthy choices, and love yourself, enabling you to truly love others, and receive the love you always desired. Your inner female and inner child may finally be able to trust the balanced, mature inner male.

All emotions are here to be felt, experienced and released. The more you are willing to dive into them, the more they release and leave you forever, bringing you into the pure feelings of your soul. These pure feelings are the many qualities of love.


Each of these Modules are a unique journey into high vibrational energy, your feeling soulful self, and divine consciousness, harnessing your soul where your connection to God lies, and where all true healing and transformation happens.



ʺWe must learn to tap the power of our hearts in order to align with the desire of the universe, so that what comes through us is spiritually correct. When we tap the true nature of the heart‐soul what we manifest is the Will of God ... the light that shines through us and sets in motion the divine order of things.ʺ  Normandi Ellis, Dreams of Isis.


Maʹat means truth, balance, harmony and justice, lived through the open heart. Maʹat is known as the ʹstraight lineʹ, the underlying truth of reality. This underlying truth is accessed by the purified heart that is clear and living in harmony with divine truths.

Maʹat holds great keys to access your heart, and to continuously live in your heart each and every day.

Maʹat is the foundation of an enlightened civilization on Earth, and was the foundation of the Egyptian civilization at its heartful height. Without this harmony of the heart, there is no basis for an awakened soul or an awakened civilization.

Within yourself, when you connect to the heartʹs voice and conscience, the various faces of your shadow come to light. This opens the doorway to your pure human soul, which is the gateway to communing with Divine Love.

This is a profound 40 Day Initiation, and was done by many priests and priestesses in ancient Egypt. It has been significantly updated and upgraded from previous transmissions and writings.

This 40‐Day Initiation comes with Audio Transmission, Audio Guide and Booklet with the background, the alchemical wisdom and the actual Ceremony of Ma'at.




13 hours of specially designed Transmission Healing Meditations cover the full range of The Power of Shakti and Womb Wisdom,from the originator of these practices. A Healing Booklet contains the Audio in written form, as well as many special practices not included in the books, previously only shared in retreatsand workshops. For lovers of this work, this cannot be missed.

Each Process guides you step-by-step, layer‐by-layer, to release limiting beliefs and forgotten pent-up emotions. Healing from the soul level with God is permanent, and the most self-empowering; for the soul is the cause of all your body and mind issues.

These Guided Meditations are Transmissions of high frequency energy and divine love expertly guided into the parts of your emotions, soul, sexual energy and physical body that are holding onto wounded beliefs, blocks and emotions.

‘For anyone sensing there is another way, this course is for you. I was sick of being stuck in my old grooves, repeating the same patterns in my life and feeling relationships deteriorating. Something had to change. I was opening to the possibility of another way and wanted more of it. That way is God’s Way and living it every moment of every day. Through this course and the support, change begins to happen...and quickly. It requires commitment and dedication, humility and truth. People around me are noticing the difference and my relationships are changing. I am changing, and each new door opens to more and more love.’HB



The brain is the body- minds computer, organizer and downloader of data, determining how we process it all into knowledge, beliefs, filters, opinions, and ultimately Wisdom when united with the open heart and soul.

Emotions are not just found in the heart, as many believe. Many emotions register in the brain itself, and sometimes we struggle to get in touch with these deeper emotions because of the blocks and traumas recorded in our brains.

The brain creates conditionings, programs, negative patterns and beliefs in the pattern of circular grooves. Yes, these are actually physical re wirings that occur in the brain! Of course, higher functions found in the third eye and pineal are also found and activated here.

This Module includes 15 hours of guided Audio Meditations, a booklet with sacred geometries and the meditations, and many special openings never before shared.




Your soul connects to your physical body through your spirit body. Your spirit body, also known as the Ka, contains your mind, your electromagnetic field, and your connection to the earth, and is the first connection most people feel to their soul. Your spirit body is your multi dimensional self, how you embody your soul, how you travel throughout dimensions and how you embody light into physical form.


The spirit body, when clear, allows one to psychologically integrate spiritual healings and truths. After 15 years, we have now developed a way to deeply heal and develop your spirit body in conjunction with your soul. In this 40 Day Journey, you will receive the ancient Egyptian Grids for the Spirit, learn how to release the points of tension and blockages where your spirit connects to your physical body, and bathe in the color rays and pure crystalline essence of your original, untainted spirit.

Transmissions and Healings, carefully sequenced over the 40 Days, will allow you to receive and absorb these healings effectively. A deep knowledge of the spirit body in ALL its aspects, previously unclear and unknown to most, will be shared through written teachings. This is alchemy.

‘There is no dogma here. It is a chance to move closer to the unconditionally loving God that is waiting patiently for our holy desire to find Her. This journey requires humility and earnest passion to risk everything that currently defines us in the pursuit of love and truth. The loving support of Aina and the group provide guidance and necessary support so you are never alone on this exploration of your soul. The process requires a commitment to daily practice which remains with you during each day through the emotions you experience and the mirror that life continually presents to you.’ AK

What me deeply moved in the online Soul and Shakti Course was the immediate effect on my self-awareness, my life circumstances and relationships. I do not know a more direct and effective way to truly feel, accept and release (un)conscious thoughts, emotions, beliefs and patterns based in not-love and no longer identifying myself with them. I experienced Aina’s guidance as tremendous supportive, powerful and loving. I highly recommend this!’ JV