Living from the soul, being fully a-life is a life-time mission. In the journey of ever deepening, exploring, growing, letting go, uncovering, discovering, experiencing, carving out your unique pathway into your own deep fulfillment of your life’s purpose and the BE-ing of your own authentic unique Self, we all need help and support.

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Soul and Shakti offers you help, support and encouragement. From a listening heart, to practical hands on do-it-yourself tools, Aina Greta is always available to lovingly, truthfully guide you in the clarity of your own next step.

As Soul Coach she guides you directly in a one on one tailor made life changing adventure enabling and empowering you to fully live in the freedom of your authentic essence.

In the workshops and 6-month online courses Aina holds and guides you in a group container with fellow companions, honestly and authentically sharing day by day what arises in this profound journey of being a soul human.

“Aina is like a passionate voice of love that is loudest when it’s darkest.” A.B.

Welcome to Soul and Shakti

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