Aina Greta

Facilitator, soul guide, lover of God

Aina Greta is certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Soul coach, and Facilitator and Guide of Womb Wisdom Workshops and Courses.

My soul journey started early in life, first by disconnecting by surviving my way into a successful business matrix life, coming to the point where I felt that I was missing out on life. I tried various ways of re-connecting to my essence in Hatha yoga, meditation, energy work, Shiatsu, teaching Kundalini Yoga and facilitating ‘Healing Wounds of Life’ with Sat Santokh Singh. Yet I felt that something was still missing. That changed when I met the work of Padma Aon Prakasha and it became clear that I had left out the deep emotional feelings of the soul and the relating with my feminine essence.

It dawned on me that until then I had been scratching the surface. Allowing Shakti to flow and including my womb, my sexuality, my feminine feeling-consciousness-soul in the journey has exponentially accelerated my growth and continues to do so. I rediscovered the Creator of my soul, God as my true Father, as my true Mother, and would be nowhere in this journey as it was not for Their Support in Love and Truth.

Everyday I grow in love and deepen in connection with my soul, with my juicy womb, with the Creator of my soul and Gaia, in an ongoing journey founded in Joy, Love and Truth. Many times a day I am surprised in the many gifts that come to me, life lived in the moment, more and more effortless, including all my feelings, clearer and clearer in mind and speech, daily overwhelming experiences that move me to tears in gratitude, bubbling in the Joy of Being A-live.

It has been an amazing journey, with desire, devotion, humility, dedication, discernment and the discipline to follow through my deepest soul desires. My life has changed from surviving into an ongoing unfolding of living in the fullness of how I am created to BE. Embodying Love and Truth as a soul, as a woman. Being the crystalline empty feminine vessel through which Divine Love can flow.

I am fully dedicated to serve and guide any soul desiring to embark on a healing, opening journey towards Love. I share from my own lived experience, holding a safe and loving container in which all that is not love can arise, be felt, released, embraced and brought back into love.

I am available for one on one support, for transmissions, to facilitate a workshop in your area or to guide you in an online course.

People who worked with me testify:

„Aina is like a passionate voice of love that is loudest when it’s darkest. What I sensed in her soul since I first met her, but didn‘t quite have words for then, is a deep, innocent, wild trust in God. It is like that of a child, yet not naive, but rooted in embodied wisdom of her intimate knowing and recognition of Divine Laws. She models that lovingly and generously to all those who come to her so they can find it in themselves. She held a clear, caring space for me to enter into the depths of my soul, and taught me surrender in the only place where I could truly learn that - in the parts of my soul that were contracted, trapped in feelings of separation, in resistance to opening to the flow of love. She showed me how to allow God directly into those places. Through those openings I experienced for the first time what it feels like to have a part of my soul imprinted by Divine Love. Deeper holy desire emerged in me, it felt like I suddenly became aware of how thirsty I am and I finally knew what I am thirsty for. I have been  following the pull of this holy desire ever since and it keeps on profoundly changing me and my life, bringing me deeper into my purpose and my place in this world and allowing me to know and experience more and more the depth of God‘s love. Dear Aina, I am deeply grateful for your service and your love!“ A.B.

"Aina has a truly loving presence. I have found her wealth of experience and ability to hold one in love when in need is truly beautiful. Aina can feel just what you need in the moment and is amazing at communicating this so deeply and at length. She is so inspiring and gets so much joy from guiding others to deeper realizations. She gives her all and is totally there for you in every way. Thank you for being there for me Aina!"  J.W.

“Aina is an impeccable guide of the soul. She has a refined capacity to reveal and unravel the sacred wounds held at the depth of our soul that open us into the true knowing of unconditional love. She has a pure and loving presence that enables a deep sense of safety. Her passion and love for God is palpable and contagious. Her engaged joy and playfulness bring lightness to the heavy lifting of sexual and emotional healing.” S.Z.

“Working with Aina brought many aspects of me that I was afraid to name and to deal with. In her loving and very precious way she helped to bring more of these aspects in me back into love. I really recommend her as a guide because there is a deep felt purity and trust allowing all that you are to be there. I deeply trust her to go to the places I am most scared off. She has this gift of guiding you into allowing love.” F.S.

“I am grateful to Aina for her open heart towards me. I feel her attention, receptivity and unconditional support. It has opened deeper trust in me and I am able to drop layers of resistance. Her embrace and insight offer me an opening to experience myself more deeply in a grounded, open way which has always supported my journey. Thank you Aina.” T.B.