The courses offered are deep transformational journeys guiding you into the deeper embodiment of the soul over a longer period of time to fully allow to integrate the experiences and apply them in daily life. In the online courses you are given a wealth of practices and materials, and daily interaction with a community dedicated to the soul journey.

“Working with Aina brought many aspects of me that I was afraid to name and to deal with. In her loving and very precious way she helped to bring more of these aspects in me back into love.” F.S.

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Skype sessions are useful when you need direct support to move through or go into a deeper layer.

I can guide you online deeper into feeling and releasing in what is arising in this moment for you. The sessions usually are about one hour, but they may take longer, whatever is needed in that moment. Before a Skype session it is useful to communicate by e-mail what you are experiencing and would like assistance with, so we use the Skype time to process. 

“Aina is an impeccable guide of the soul. She has a refined capacity to reveal and unravel the sacred wounds held at the depth of our soul that open us into the true knowing of unconditional love.” S.Z.

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A Healing Transmission is a distant healing, an opening into a loving doorway to release the effects of a wound making it much easier for you to get to the core of the wound and heal it fully. A healing transmission happens through your desire to heal and humility to fully own the cause on a soul level. The transmission opens a door yet only you yourself can step into it. A healing transmission creates a safe, loving field of Love Energy and Guidance to dissolve. Aina can point you in the direction of the cause, with her vision and intuition, and ask you to work on feeling your core causal wound and emotions arising from it.

The Healing Transmissions are always part of deeper healing work over time. Learn more about the transmissions below and feel what resonates.

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The Soul and Shakti workshops are designed to bring you deep into a lived experience through forgotten practices from ancient lineages. All the workshops help in become whole again, reclaiming scattered parts of our soul, opening ourselves to our essence, harmonizing male and female within, healing and relating to our pure and innocent sexuality, and reconnect with the Creator of our soul. In each of the workshops you receive tools to continue your journey at home. 

The 1-week retreats are an important and essential part of the online courses. They offer a life meeting with your fellow journeyers with whom you have been deeply sharing online.

"Aina has a truly loving presence. I have found her wealth of experience and ability to hold one in love when in need is truly beautiful. Aina can feel just what you need in the moment and is amazing at communicating this so deeply and at length. She is so inspiring and gets so much joy from guiding others to deeper realizations. She gives her all and is totally there for you in every way.” J.W.

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