3-Day Intensive Workshops

All workshops are designed to bring you deep into a lived experience through forgotten practices from ancient lineages. All the workshops help in become whole again, reclaiming scattered parts of our soul, opening ourselves to our essence, harmonizing male and female within, healing and relating to our pure and innocent sexuality, and reconnect with the Creator of our soul. In each of the workshops you receive tools to continue your journey at home. 

The life workshops are held in the safe container of souls coming together as a group to experience, learn and evolve deeper into the authenticity of soul, sacred sexual self, truth and love.



Power of Shakti is a 3-day workshop in which we explore the Shakti-circuit in its 18 reference points in the physical, emotional and light human body.

Shakti is life-force, the flow of life, untamable, rich, wild, overflowing, creating and dissolving in a continues flow, wave after wave …
When we connect or re-connect with the flow of life we become truly a-life, free-flowing, allowing all our cells to become a-life and following our hearts desires and fully living them. It touches our passion, our vibrancy, the depth of who we truly are and it awakens us from being asleep, coping and surviving in this world.



In the 3-day Womb-Hara Wisdom Workshop we deepen our connection with this tremendous space of wisdom and power. We uncover deeper layers of what is shut down, opening ourselves deeper to give and receive love. We start to embody more and more who you are, becoming more a-life and loving as a foundation of your BE-ing.

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In the 3-day journey into our wounds we start to become aware of what we are holding down, have cut off or berried. In allowing ourselves to feel all that we have ignored and denied, we allow love and life to flow back in these parts of us. 

Through gentle guidance a safe and loving space is created in which you can move beyond the resistance and the fear of feeling. 



In the 3-day Dimensions of Love we explore what love is and what it is not, discern the different forms of love, learn about the Spheres of Love, and enter into a loving space where we connect and heal these places within us that are deprived of love.