Soul and Shakti Online Courses

The courses offered are deep transformational journeys guiding you into the deeper embodiment of the soul.

The courses are designed to bring you deep into experiencing through forgotten practices from ancient lineages. They help in becoming whole again, reclaiming scattered parts of our soul, opening ourselves to our essence, harmonizing male and female within, healing and relating to our pure and innocent sexuality and reconnect with the Creator of our soul.

All courses are online, and unfold with a daily practices, group forum for sharing and support, weekly online group call conferences and individual one-on-one skype calls.

An important part of the 6-month courses is meeting for a 7-day retreat halfway into the course. The retreats are essential to fully experience in ways that cannot be received in the online course.


Soul and Shakti Course

6-month online Course for men and women

 The  6 Month Soul and Shakti Course is a journey unfolding in 4 Modules of each 40 days practice. These practices are easily accessible through guided audio meditations and explaining booklet which are all shared online for you to download. 

During ALL the modules, you can release many deep memories, programs, emotional blocks, mental limits and distorted and unworthy thoughts. With these gone, you are free to be in the present moment and respond consciously. You develop the ability to deeply discern truth and integrity in yourself and others. You are able to make wise and healthy choices, and love yourself, enabling you to truly love others, and receive the love you always desired. Your inner female and inner child may finally be able to trust the balanced, mature inner male.

All emotions are here to be felt, experienced and released. The more you are willing to dive into them, the more they release and leave you forever, bringing you into the pure feelings of your soul. These pure feelings are the many qualities of love.


The Seven Gates: Journey in Womb Consciousness

6-month online course for women

The Seven Gates of Shakti flow to the Womb of all life. From Her, all energy, power and dynamic creativity flow. She is the living force underlying all existence, the energizing force of life in every being. She lives within you, ready to be further awakened and enlivened.

Shakti is a combination of soft magnetism and love wed with dynamic creative power and light. This allows us to fully give and receive love from sovereignty. Most of us have relied more on one of these aspects, bringing us out of balance with our soul purpose, evolutionary growth, intimate relationships and our embodiment of love.

When the Gates and womb receives consistent attention, nurturance, and unconditional love, the womb starts to stir, flower, and come alive, beginning to attune to its vastness.

The Seven Gates hold many qualities of love, wisdom, sovereignty and pure feeling. They are initiations both man and woman move through in the journey into embodiment of the soul. Or fully living Divine Love on Earth in all its expressions.

Divine lives in the bedroom, completing the Holy Trinity here on earth. Purity is a turn on for the soul, and the bliss of beauty happens when two souls are engaged in holy desire for Union with Self and with Divine.


Hara Wisdom Course:

The Seven Male Gates of the King

6-month online course for men

Men are in trouble today. Most of the world’s problems stem from a wounded masculinity out of touch with the feminine and with the earth. Just as the roles of women have been distorted, so have those of men. With the Renaissance of the divine feminine, the sacred masculine now has to step up to meet her. The Queen now wants to meet her King. 

Hara Wisdom is about living into and embodying your masculine essence in manifestation. When a man lives from his innate centre of gravity and felt presence, his heart and will, then the true masculine spirit can anchor and express itself passionately and authentically into the world. 

The Sacred Masculine is the basis of authentic relationship with Self, with your partner, with your children, family, and with Divine. This is a journey exploring and feeling your emotions, your soul, your sexual energy and the Divine and uniting them in your masculine essence. 

The Hara Wisdom Course is for those desiring to delve deeper, to know and retrieve their masculine soul and ignite their Sovereign King Self. Hara Wisdom empowers men to a new level of enlightenment, to enter the authentic masculine that is transcendent and grounded, pure consciousness and deeply feeling, contemplative and action orientated, intimate and whole.


Shakti Yoga Forms

13-week online Course for men and women

The Shati Yoga Forms are 13 Atma Asanas or Soul Motions that bring women and men into different Faces of the Divine Feminine. The Shakti Yoga Forms bring you into deeper Embodiment, Opening into your Essential Feminine or Male Shakti. Through our bodies, we can embody soul and God. Through our breath, we can unite spirit and matter. Through our Shakti, we bring ecstasy into orgasmic form. 

The 13 Shakti Yoga Forms come from the Tantric Shaivite Shiva Tradition, the Aramaic Lineage of Mary Magdalene and Marie Salome, the Egyptian Lineage of Isis, and Kundalini Yoga. Over 13 weeks you will immerse into the 13 Shakti Forms, full body prayers that invite you to immerse your body, soul, shadow and Shakti into union.

Shakti Yoga brings you into your magnetic ground of the feminine and male essence. When grounded in your magnetic field you feel safe and sovereign to walk firm through life. You allow Shakti to guide you through the present moment.
Through breath, mudra, sound and movement you anchor a new deep body awareness that becomes an anchor, a firm expanding foundation. Through powerful breath, body–womb/hara movement and sound, you unite the power and wisdom in the womb/hara and the love in the heart.

The Shakti Yoga Forms are accessible for everyone, as a feeling introduction into the embodiment of the soul or as deepening and integration in your ongoing soul embodiment journey.